Capisco Puls 8002

by HÅG

Designer Name 
Peter Opsvik
Steel 37%, Plastics 32%, Aluminium 26%, PUR 3%,Textiles: 1%, Various 1%, PVC 0%
Available in a variety of fabrics. Plastic available in Clay, Pink, Sea Green, Petroleum, Light grey, Black, White, Red. Metal available in White, Black or Silver. Footbase available in black or blue plastic, black, silver, white or polished aluminum.
Castor glider, Castor with brakes, Castor with brakes and rubber. Lift options: 150 mm, 200mm, 265mm
Back height: 400mm
Chair width: 565mm
Foot base: Ø730mm
Seat height: 375-515mm
Seat width: 460mm
Capisco Puls 8002