Work Bookcase

by Normann Copenhagen

Designer Name 
Simon Legald
Shelves: Lacquered Steel, Pillars: Lacquered Beech
Grey, Powder Blue
For work or home, books or toys, Work is the shelving unit for everything. Simon Legald has taken his inspiration from industrial storage shelving to create shelving with a clear function and a pure, minimalistic expression.
Low 2 Pillar - H: 93,7 x L: 92 x D: 46,5 cm
Low 4 Pillar - H: 93,7 x L: 94,3 x D: 46,5 cm
High 4 Pillar - H: 209 x L: 94,3 x D: 46,5 cm
Work Bookcase
Work Bookcase
Work Bookcase