String Light Cone Pendant

by Flos (WA Only)

Designer Name 
Michael Anastassiades
The design of the String Light draws its inspiration from outdoor spaces using light to demarcate space, such as a village square with strings of lights that hang in a square from four posts. The design also stems from practicality and having the ability to take the light where you wish it to be without being governed by where the electricity points are situated.
Die-cast aluminum and polycarbonate body, in matt black with clear soft-touch varnish. Optical diffuser in opal PC. Complete with wall mounting kit (includes 5 x wall mounts, 5 x black wall pegs, 5 x white wall pegs and one wall peg cap in each colour). Black Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable. Available with wall/ceiling connection in black PC. The wallrose can have a maximum of two pendant heads fed into this and three wayout for cables. Also available with floor switch in matt black varnished PC. The floor switch can have a maximum of two pendant heads fed into this, two wayout for cables and space to wrap 10 metres of cable. The on/off switch is electronic with optical mechanism.
Height: 16cm x Diameter: 19cm
12 metre cable
String Light Cone Pendant
String Light Cone Pendant