AIM Suspension Light

by Flos (WA Only)

Designer Name 
Bouroullec brothers
This innovative form of modern pendant lighting is constructed from a varnished aluminum sheet with a photo-etched optical PC (polycarbonate) shade. The internal reflector is photo-etched ABS. The cable can be adjusted to allow the fixture head and light distribution to be aimed in whatever way you choose. The cable has a total length of 20' and 5" (9m), allowing the lamp to be suspended at a distance up to 9' and 8" (3m) from the ceiling.
Body in varnished aluminium sheet, shade in photo-etched optical polycarbonate. Internal reflector in photo-etched ABS. Includes ceiling rose with all options. Available in Black, White & Bronze.
Height: 21.1cm x Diameter: 24.3cm
The cable has a length of 9 metres, thus the lamp can be suspended 3 metres from the ceiling.
AIM Suspension Light
AIM Suspension Light
AIM Suspension Light