We've Gone Green


We've gone green!

We are very proud to announce that Mattiazzi is certified GECA.

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), runs Australia's only independent, not-for-profit, multi-sector eco-labelling program and is the only Australian member with GENICES recognition from the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN).

This means that many of your favourite Mattiazzi products have been rigorously assessed for their impact on the environment over their life cycle and are now a safer option for you, your family and your colleagues. 

Here are just a few reasons to buy GECA certified products:

Better for the environment 

• Avoid illegal harvest of wood and fibre for raw materials

• Emissions to air and water heavily restricted

• Product must be easy to recycle or dispose of in an environmentally responsible way

• Replacement parts must be made available to users

• Use only GECA certified (or equivalent) fabrics and adhesives (Level A only)

Better for human health

• Restrictions or bans on known carcinogens, mutagens or other specific harmful substances

• Volatile organic compounds limited (Level A only)

Better for ethical considerations

• Workers can expect fair pay, equal opportunity, and a safe working environment

• No unsubstantiated claims (green-washing)


As a business we understood how crucial this next step was in improving our products and services for our clients. We hope to continue this progression and bring you more sustainable products in the near future.