New Works- Objects of Copenhagen


Danish design is known the world over for its simplicity and functionality.  The Danes have a great history that is rich with design so it is no wonder that New Works is pushing the boundaries of Danish design whilst still paying homage to it.  Collaborating with internationally acknowledged designers, New Works’ collection is filled with sleek lines and neutral colour palettes with luxurious yet understated finishes. New Works aims to create pieces of work at the intersection of design craft and art by striving to build objects that are not just comfortable to sit in, but also interesting to look at.

We at District are very excited to welcome this new addition to our family. 

View New Works at District here

Lantern Pendant - Frosted White Opal Glass, Small, Medium & Large

Material Pendant in Black Marble, Yellow Steel, Mixed Cork & Smoked Oak

Kizu Table Lamp - White Marble W. White Acrylic

Florence Shelf - Raw Gold, Large & Medium; Velvet Cushion, Dark Brown, Sand & Grey; Bowl Table Lamp - Raw Copper W. Light Smoked Glass; Ikat Cushion - Woven Dark Brown, Large; Block Candle Holder - Dark Brown, Light Fossil & Black Marquina Marble W. Brass; Check Throw - Dark Brown, Mohair Wool;  Wave Cushion - Black, Eco Satin Cotton;  Brush Cushion - Dark Brown, Eco Satin Cotton.