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Who is HÅG?

Since its creation in 1942, the HÅG brand has inspired many product innovations. The HÅG philosophy of balanced sitting and more movement has been coupled with a strong collaborative design ethic.

Leading Scandinavian designers such as Peter Opsvik, Svein Gusrud, Svein Asbjørnsen and Verner Panton have contributed to the HÅG story. Through creative collaborations innovation and fusion of design and function, HÅG has created products that inspire, energise and help transform working lives.

Environmental pioneer

For many years the HAG brand has distinguished itself internationally through a conscious commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility.

Holistic design and the ambition to always to be an environmental pioneer are the inspirations and drives behind product development of the HÅG brand.

HÅG´s office chairs were among the first in Europe to be certified by the US GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, and the HÅG Capisco was the first office chair ever to be awarded the well-respected Nordic Swan Ecolabel. 

No environmentally harmful materials are used

This means no composites and no use of chrome or glue. this is the philosophy behind all of HÅG´s chairs. Solid components with minimized impact on the environment. Timeless and consistent design in even the small details.

HÅG chairs can claim the lowest CO2 emissions in the industry.

All HÅG chairs are certified according to ISO 14025-EPD
This declaration may be used to objectively compare environmental profiles of corresponding products. The EPD declaration shows that HÅG chairs can claim the lowest CO2 emissions in the industry.

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