Massproductions Project Featuring the Jig Bar Stool


The Jig collection is modern and fresh yet familiar.  It is a collection made from twelve steel tubes that are joined together in a new design for an old typology.  The Jig Bar Stool is featured in the Swedish restaurant Adam & Albin.  The chairs look right at home in this restaurant with a friendly yet rustic character.

At Adam/Albin a contemporary Swedish restaurant experience far from the traditional fine dining restaurant, is offered. The gastronomic profile is based on personally admired produce and is prepared with simplicity. Inspiration is drawn from all the great cooking you can find around the world but the base of the cooking is founded in Swedish gastronomic heritage.

The interior design of the restaurant was made to create an intimate and relaxed space where the kitchen feels present throughout the whole area. The chefs’ passion for gastronomy permeates both the kitchen and the dining room. Sound and light flows between the two areas allow the guests to feel involved in the chefs’ creations. The interiors solid materials are used in different combinations and mirror the equal parts of knowledge and innovation that give the kitchen personality. The experience is at once both familiar and international.

Client – Adam & Albin (Restaurant)

Location - Stockholm, Sweden  

Architect - Andreas Bozarth Fornell, Koncept


(Photography by Magnus Skoglof)


(Words from Massproductions)