Making Work Life Less Ordinary



The contemporary workplace is in flux.  We are at saturation point in terms of workload and performance.  New innovation and technology has greatly impacted the way we work, opening up new possibilities for the ‘ideal workplace’ of the future.

On the one hand, the digital world has taken over so much of the work process.  We can do almost anything online and work remotely on a global scale.  However whilst we enjoy digital flexibility, we must consider the human experience first – giving priority to the human body and how we experience our actual built environments.

'Making Work Life Less Ordinary' presents three commercial brands which each reflect a key way in which the office environment can enhance our daily experience of the workplace: especially within the creative industries.

The new Okidoki range, by ThinkingWorks exclusive to District - combines traditional workstation environments with contemporary aesthetics and materials.  The range is customisable and seamlessly adapts to large and small – as well as formal or playful – corporate environments. It can be pared back and simplified, whilst also offering a range of functional add-ons for the agile working environment.

Presented alongside Okidoki is the new Sofi-mesh task chair by Håg. Håg represents the very essence of Scandinavian ergonomics and provides a range of seating solutions for any workplace application.  Whilst we have become more tech-savvy, we have also become more sedentary in our daily working lives. Håg’s principal focus is on accommodating the human body's need for freedom of movement whilst seated.

Finally, Simon James Design presents sophisticated, flexible and innovative furniture for breakout areas, which have increasing relevance to the agile working environment. Innovation is often best activated in informal, intimate and human-scale spaces.  The new Cabin Chair provides comfortable and private workspaces that facilitate brainstorming, connection, conversation and idea-sharing.  The Simon James range can be flexibly adapted to both large and small work environments, and offers customisable add-ons such as power and data to accommodate our digital lives.