'Designed to Last' - Massproductions at Stockholm Design Week


'Designed to Last'

During Stockholm design week, Massproductions took part in one of the most anticipated exhibitions – ‘Designed to Last’ – a collaboration between Swedish magazine Residence and ArkDes (Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design) and was designed by Norway’s leading stylist duo, Kråkvik&D’Orazio. 

The purpose of ‘Designed to Last’ is to address the important issued faced by the Furniture Industry in today’s society – durability, quality and sustainable production.

Massproductions chose to display their new Icha Chair and Point Tables mixed with classic styles like the Anyway Sofa and Crown Lounge Chair.  The exhibition is on show until 19th March 2017. 

Anyway Sofa, Point Table, Crown Lounge Chair & Icha Chair