A Chic Pink Office


A pink office is fashionable and elegant all at once. Think pink, and let cool pink tones create a vivid and dynamic working space. Invite your clients into a chic meeting room or indulge in office lounge furniture in soft pink velvet.

Pink is flamboyant, chic and flattering for the eye, and thus pink-hued interior has become increasingly popular. As the colour has mutated into shades of beige with only a hint of pink, a peach-coral hybrid and a vivid Barbie-pink, there is no reason not to embrace the tones and create an all pink interior.

Normann Copenhagen can’t get enough of these trendy pink tones. Liven up your office by choosing a playful pink colour for the walls and let your office interior aspire to creativity.

Pink is often equated with passion and vibrancy, which makes it an ideal colour for an office upgrade adding a lively expression.

Bring in wooden furniture to add warmth to the office, and use monochrome black and white accessories and furniture to create an elegant, fashionable contrast.

Be bold and confident and let this be mirrored in a full pink office interior or let a pink sofa be an impactful stylish centrepiece. Or incorporate pink accessories that will make a fashionable statement and liven up any work space. With pink there really are no limits!


A pink office interior is flamboyant and vibrant, allowing you to immerse into creativity and brain storming on new ideas.

Keeping it pink and playing with texture and tone will not make the pink colour overwhelming, but create a harmonious feeling in the room. The softness of upholstered furniture in pink hues accentuate and balance the tone on tone, creating a soothing feeling.

The dazzling combination of white and pink leaves you with a pristine expression. Let white glass and marble Amp lamps and crisp white Form chairs illuminate and intensify the pink colour in any meeting room or workspace.

Bringing in elegant, clean design in glass and metallics in a cool pink room will make the pieces stand out prominently, adding a clean and yet characteristic expression to the pink walls.

Shadier tones of pink and dark red radiate warmth and create an exciting, energetic color combination for a fashionable workspace. The elegant Form barstools and high Form bar table keep the expression minimalistic and modern.

The match of soft velvet and alluring pink resonate as the epitome of modern. Velvet has a tangible softness and accentuates the visual softness of a pink interior. Lounge furniture in velvet will simply highlight the quietude and create room for thoughts and relaxation in a busy office space.


(Images and text courtesy of Normann Copenhagen)